AROMA A100 Product Introduction

In the ever-changing HiFi market, we are not reluctant to follow the flow, nor are we satisfied with the AROMA A10's achievements in the field of portable amps. Therefore, we have designed a new product, the AROMA A100, which will infiltrate our AROMA products idea. The concept is also the succession and transcendence of AROMA A10. We hope that AROMA A100 once again uses its strength to make customer experience in the portable amps field.
In order to match the popular portable players, we have equipped with a 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended input on the AROMA A100 input line to allow different players to play their characteristics. In aspect of output, we combined the 2.5mm single-ended and 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced single-ended integrated outlets on the AROMA A100 for the first time headphone plug specifications in the world. This can be adapted to the needs of different user groups, allowing users to The ultimate sound experience on a product.
AROMA A100 is mainly divided into power supply unit and amplifying unit in circuit design. Power supply is the mother of sound, and the power circuit of the AROMA A100 occupies for about two-thirds of its space. Internal use of model 26650 battery with ultra-low internal resistance (replaceable), step-up circuit using high-power MOS tube and inductor, the switching frequency of 600KHz boost to get ± 15V. After two CL filter circuits, two 4700uF ultra low-impedance electrolytic capacitors are entered to provide high-quality power for the entire machine. One channel of ±15V is powered by the ultra-low ripple precision LDO for each cell IC, and the other ±15V directly supplies power to the triode discrete stage circuit. The AROMA A100's pre-amplifier circuit continues A10's classic design, with two-stage inverting amplifying circuits that functionally add balanced signal inputs. The rear stage amplifier is a four-channel amplifier circuit composed of a discrete transistor circuit, four pairs of middle power transistors, and a number of precision components, providing a delicate and powerful output for the headphones.
For users who like tossing, the AROMA A100 continues the AROMA A10 quick release replacement op-amp design. The shell structure of AROMA A100 has been redesigned to become the way of disassembling the upper slide cover and locking the spring thimble, which greatly simplifies the operation of the user to replace the operational amplifier, and at the same time the appearance is also more beautiful.
AROMA A100 has a battery power status indicator display on the side. The AROMA A100 uses the Mirco USB interface to charge the battery. An external power connection interface is still reserved for connecting the AROMA PS100 or AROMA PS10. It also let our existing customer to have new experience on AROMA A100.

A100 size, 121*69*30mm (without knob), knob length 11~12mm.

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